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Originally Posted by kkj1116 View Post
I definitely recommend using the tileset extension as it is very straightforward (once you understand the data, and being the pioneer you are I am sure you can!). It allows for extra blocks [suitable for that one before-forest route in Dark Future in which you can have a grassy entrance].
Ah, I do know how the patch works but haven't patched to the rom mainly because:
1) I've been lazy (I've been concentrating on storyline and events and not at mapping really).
2) There is always a possibility I figure I need to use that part of VRAM for something else because it does use a whole VRAM bank.

Anyway what I really should do though would be making all tilesets support 0x80 blocks for now and add another 0x80 with the patch if needed later.

To not get completely off-topic here, fixing the way how when Surf is used, you're being moved one step into the facing direction can be easily fixed through scripting (no asm coding needed). I don't know why you wanted to do anything about it but you can locate the "surf-script" in rom bank 0x3 by searching for the 16 [2-byte pointer] [Bank] to "[RAM address] used Surf!".
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