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    Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Kevin View Post

    Nope, you shouldn't change the tiles, they are beautiful and deserve to be in more than one hack, so you should keep them :]

    Unless, of course, Wesley has a problem with it, but I doubt he would.
    thanks :D

    Originally Posted by kkj1116 View Post
    Looking from the screenshots so far, here is my input.

    - The new tilework is great. I personally believe that every third generation hack needs new graphics, as the potentials have been unlocked and fully realized!
    - A new player sprite might be appreciated. No one likes playing the same character, even if it's a different region (or at least I don't!).
    - As for the tiles looking similar to those in other hacks, you should probably add a little personal touch. Perhaps darken it a bit.
    - Since you are working with a new region and new Pokemon, I'm thinking this to give your hack a little edge: exclusively Gen. 4 and 5 Pokemon. Some other hacks involve regions from the anime, or modified versions of the Kanto/Hoenn region. You have a nice chance to start with a whole new Pokemon set..

    Of course, these are just personal suggestions.
    Yeah, im already planning on changing the Player Sprites. Ill definitely take your suggestion in mind

    Okay, so im planning on putting a gatekeeper. Since all the Pokemon Games for NDS has it. Ill be using the ones for HGSS. I was planning on using the one for DPPt but then I saw the ones for HGSS and i decided to use that instead. Update coming tommorow c:
    PS: The Updates will make you think the game will look like HGSS :3

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