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Out of all the Gen III, IV and V Fire-Type Pokemon, which was your favourite and why?

That'd probably be Chimchar and its evolutions. While it may not be everyone's first choice out of the whole 3 of those generations, I just kinda got attached to it after it became necessity to choose Chimchar as your starter if you wanted a decent Fire type through with Sinnoh. It isn't really bad either, not bad at all. Its dual Fire/Fighting typing opens up for a great movepool, as well as, even though it was the same as the previous generation, it is really helpful. Infernape could easily become the powerhouse of my team if I didn't get any of the overly strong Pokémon you could otherwise get, so I used it a lot, and that's why I like it so much, really. Also with the fact that I didn't really like many of the Hoenn Pokémon as well as I've never played B/W, so I'm kinda stuck on the Fire types of generation 4 anyway, and there weren't a whole lot introduced xD
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