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    Malik Grizz-Da Boat
    Malik awoke from his nap and decided what he should do. "I should go to that place with Roxanne!" He shot up and sprinted to the school. "Roxanne, I wish to have a double battle! I won't take no for an answer!" He shouted at the first person he found, who actually was NOT Roxanne. "Woops...sorry." He wondered around until he found her. "Roxanne, I wish to have a double battle! I won't take no for an answer!" He shouted yet again.

    She laughed. "I know. I heard you. Ok. There are some trainers in the lobby. Ask around and see who wants to battle."

    Malik nodded and walked into the lobby and spotted a young boy with a Squirtle and a Metapod. "You, battle me!" He shouted.

    "Ok. Let's do it!" The answer came. They both went to the arena, Malik through out Fin and Venom. "Squirt, use tackle!" The turtle came charging at the Totodile.

    "Counter it with Chip Away!" When Squirt came close enough, Fin back handed it across the forehead sending him half way across the field. "Venom, just keep spamming Poison Sting on the Metapod." It blinked and started to launch pink spikes at the other cocoon pokemon...over and over again. After about the fifth volley, the Metapod fainted. The Kakuna split in half. "VENOM!" It glew a hot white, and to Malik's surprise, a Beedrill came out. "You evolved!" He said it in a tone that was more question like. It nodded.

    "Squirt, try a tackle again!" While Fin was distracted by his buddy's evolution, it slammed into his side. The gator flew back, and came back and started to thrash on the turtle until it fainted.

    Malik's pokedex rang out, "Totodile learned Rage." Malik grinned. "Good job buddy, good game." He called out to the boy whose mouth was still gaping at his quick defeat. Malik left the room with out a word, and went outside. He spotted a trainer in a ninja gai. He knew who that was...