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Patrick and Phanpy are both gazing at the menu of the resturant once more drooling at the thought of what they could each get! Patrick had made up his mind and so did his companion! The pair walts on in and sat down at a table as a waitress comes over and smiles at them. 'Hi there! What a cute little Phanpy!' giggled the waitress 'Ground Types are my favourite!' 'Thanks, Phanpy's my number one compadrae!' grinned Patrick. 'So what can I get you honey?' the waitress said as she took out her notepad and pen. 'Oh boy I can't wait!! I'll have the Spicy Bouffalant wings, Southern fried Torchic with a Shroomish sauce, some fries and a Pecha Berry Milkshake. Phanpy will have an Oddish Salad with Shroomish Sauce with some Passho Berries.' Phanpy toots in excitement as the girl laughs and takes down the orders.

After some waiting the waitress walks over to their table with the food in platters coloured like Pokeballs. As the waitress puts it down on the table, it suddenly vanishes and disappears with a small dust cloud. Patrick and Phanpy are both stunned and expressionless. 'Oh no! This happens far too often! I'm so, so sar-' Patrick and Phanpy slammed the table as fire is burning from both of their eyes. 'Who ever did this! Isn't getting away with this! Rule Number 1; don't mess with my meal!' Patrick shouted in a rage. Phanpy is having it's own mini tantrum. 'Uhh, sir we can jus-' 'NO! I'm getting my food back! This...this...THIS THIEF CANNOT DO THIS ANYMORE! Phanpy let's 'roll out'!' Phanpy nods and proceeds to roll out with Patrick running at his side to find the food thief. The waitress and other customers are awkwardly staring at him. The waitress simply sighed, 'I'm not getting paid enough for this...'

Bold represents cannibalistic/edible Pokemon dish
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