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Regal Gemini
Chapter 3: Women - Part 2

The girls stood at one side and Regal stood at the other. Regal was still in pain from Maylene's attack, and thus he seemed to struggle to stand at times, but he stood his ground. Despite Setsuka's worry, she actually had a fire in her eyes, she was really excited about this battle. Maylene, of course, was the same, but Regal couldn't tell if he wanted another shot at him or a shot at a pokemon battle. Or both. It was a scary thought that he didn't want to tread on any longer.


Regal sent out Melody (his Starly) and Forte (his Shinx) while Maylene sent out Duster (her Hitmontop) and Setsuka sent out Chaser (her Abra). Regal was at a clear disadvantage; his pokemon only knew one offensive move a piece and, worse yet, he was a beginner trainer fighting a Gym Leader. What's more, the first time around he won due to inadvertently cheap tactics, while this time he was going to make sure that that didn't happen again. He knelt down to Forte and said, "Hey buddy, I know that that lady was mean to you earlier, but she also healed you and is actually a really nice person," He said, talking to the Shinx the same way one would talk to a child (which he was). "Please try not to hit either of those girls, though." Forte looked at Regal curiously and then smiled. That was all the confirmation Regal needed.


Just as the match started, Chaser disappeared. Forte looked around for it, but didn't see it anywhere. Then, all of the sudden, Melody was...dancing? It started dancing on the spot, and then Duster closed in and used Hi-Jump Kick. Then, all of the sudden, Melody ran towards Forte and Duster crashed into the ground. Maylene shot Setsuka a look and Setsuka returned with an apologetic look.

"Dodge, Forte, don't hurt Melody, though," Regal commanded as Melody closed in on Forte. Forte dodged and then he heard an unknown yet somewhat familiar sound. He looked behind him, and was punched square in the jaw by an Ice Punch. The attack set him aback quite a bit, but Melody quickly attacked Chaser with a Peck attack, sending him back as well. However, unlike Forte who hit the ground behind him, Chaser teleported before impact. He appeared behind Melody for an Ice Punch, but was intercepted by a Solarbeam, this time not being able to avoid the impact of the wall in his direction, and he ended up hitting it hard. Still, somehow, he was able to get up. Maylene smiled at the tactics of her opponents, as if she wasn't at all phased by this turn of events. Setsuka, however, seemed bothered by the recent attacks. Duster started spinning, almost turning into a mini-tornado. Melody and Forte weren't able to get close. Forte started charging a Solarbeam to use on Duster. Regal shouted, "No, it'll-"

"Don't worry about it," Maylene said, "I've got it under control." She moved in front of Setsuka and tensed her body up, as if to prepare fore something. Forte shot the Solarbeam at Duster, and almost immediately the attack was reflected at Maylene. Then, like a superhero, Maylene took the attack head on and only moved back a few inches, it really was a spectacular sight that made Regal smile. "It's gonna take a lot more then that to get rid of me." She said, unfazed by the attack. "Now anyway, if you think this is close to over, you've got another thing coming!" She said, pointing to Duster. Duster started shining, and then...


To be continued...
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