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    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    If its a post-Johto feel, then I understand your decision to not include newer gen dragons. But still...A hack mostly involving dragons...Idk, I feel some of the newer dragons Need to be in it. If anything, at least explore the Gible Family, Axew Family, and the Deino Family. Maybe Druddigon as well. If you still feel they don't deserve a spot, then its okay. But at least look them over ya know? Goodluck! I'll be checking in on this from time to time.
    Originally Posted by gam3r! View Post
    But i don't disagree adding new dragons from genIII genIV and genV
    I looked at the new Dragon families and I must say, they look amazing! It certainly would be the popular decision to devamp a couple of Dragon Pokemon but that leaves us with some questions.

    Here's some of the conceptual issues which I've had that made me not even consider adding new Pokemon in the first place:
    • How would explain the disappearance of the new Dragon pokemon? After all, like gam3r! said, this is a prequel to RBY and GSC.
    • If I add some Gen. 4 and 5 Pokemon, am I not obligated to include other Gen. 4 and 5 Pokemon? It seems a bit cheesy to pick and choose. If I add Garchomp, shouldn't I add Magnezone and Electivire?
    • Adding New Pokemon will make some of their individuality disappear in the process. Since games past Gen. II employ an "abilities" stats and other features, some of the distinguishing characteristics of new Dragons and Pokemon will not be implemented.
    • This also brings us to learnsets; new Pokemon will most likely learn moves nonexistent in the Gen. II games. New moves was something I really tried to avoid.
    Now, the technical part:
    • There are two ways of adding new Pokemon.
      • The first way would be to add another identifier byte. One hex byte goes upto 255 (including 0) so I'd be able to add only 4 Pokemon until I run out of room. This means that I have to relocate every Pokemon's base stats, I'd have to reconfigure the way Pokemon data is written to the RAM, I'd have to reprogram some of the scripting codes to include two bytes for identifying Pokemon, and much much more! Way too much work for adding a few Pokemon, and I had wanted a simple hack.
      • The second way would be to replace some of the existing Pokemon. This would shrink the pool of Pokemon normal/non-Dragon trainers can have. Also, this would mean that I'd have to replace rarely used Pokemon (and I had been planning to make use of most Pokemon). Replacing rarer Kanto Pokemon seems to be a good idea, but it just leaves me with an odd feeling, knowing that some Pokemon aren't accessible.
    • If I add new Pokemon, I will need new back and frontsprites. As I am not a spriter, I'd need to find someone to do that for me.
    • I'm also worried about new Pokemon Cry data. Most Cry Data is based on existing varities of one Pokemon's Cry - look at Charizard and Rhyhorn.
    If more people keep telling me to add Pokemon, I will probably choose the second option. I have to reiterate that I am open to this new possibility, but I also have to stress that I have very good reasons [I think] for holding my original position. I know how cool it'd be to have new Dragons but just remember I'm more for consistency and continuity, not novelty.
    Thanks again to both of you for the feedback. I assure you that I will make progress enough so it won't die out like other hacks.

    Originally Posted by gam3r! View Post
    The only reason that i use pokeballs is to catch pokemon that i like and to strengthen up my team .

    If you're not at adding kanto why not adding new areas to johto ?
    Once again, regarding your desire to use PokeBalls: you can use Gameshark codes. There are tons of sites out there that offer Gameshark codes. I can provide you with a Gameshark code if you want. And I have to remind you that I am not removing them 100% from the game; just from shops.

    As for new areas: I did add a couple new maps between Route 27 and Victory Road. They aren't vast but they are not in any of the RBY and GSC games. Yet, if you read my earlier statement, this was supposed to be an easy hack mostly for my own learning. I am hoping that me redesiging every single map down to every single block is enough:
    • Dark Cave, Whirl Islands, and Mt. Mortar are brand new labyrinths.
    • Ice Path has new sliding puzzles to accompany its Crystal graphics.
    • Sprout Tower and Burnt Tower have been significantly changed.
    • Tin Tower assumes the simpler role of the Pokemon Tower in RBY but it too is changed.
    • All the routes have been changed. And the routes are not always easy.
    • Brand new Rocket Hideout and challenge.
    • Every gym has some kind of puzzle; I haven't released any screenshots yet (cause that'll give all the fun away) but the simplest puzzle is beating a trainer and unlocking a path.
    • Every town has also been redesigned.
    It might not be 100% new but it is still new, just based on a known region. If you'd like, I will release more screenshots in the next update. I just didn't want to give too much away on the first post.
    Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
    To not get completely off-topic here, fixing the way how when Surf is used, you're being moved one step into the facing direction can be easily fixed through scripting (no asm coding needed). I don't know why you wanted to do anything about it but you can locate the "surf-script" in rom bank 0x3 by searching for the 16 [2-byte pointer] [Bank] to "[RAM address] used Surf!".
    I suspect that I either unintentionally edited or deleted some part of this script. I'm having a bit of problem understanding what you mean.
    I know that the player's name is located in RAM $D1A3. So I searched for 16 A3 51 03 but I know I'm doing something wrong. I also searched for the "[Player] used SURF!" string and I did not find any results both in ROM and RAM.