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Logan Locks

Continuing to rest after a long walk in Route 1, Logan sat on the grassy ground, dipping her feet on the shimmering stream. Staryu jumped on the water, splashing everywhere, even at Logan. She got her legs wet, but didn’t seem to mind at all. A Pokemon like Staryu would be too playful.

Then, looking down, Logan spotted something sparkly right next to her left foot. It looked shiny. She bent over to pick up the shiny item from the stream, and gave a closer look at it. It looked like a blue necklace with a blue crystal. “I’ve seen this somewhere before,” Logan said to herself, “Mystic Water, is it?”

“Heeeeyah!” Staryu replied.

“It’s an item for you to use, Staryu,” Logan turned to the Star Pokemon, “it powers up your water-type moves. Come, I’ll put it on for you.”

Staryu walked over to Logan and retrieved the Mystic Water necklace from her. She was now wearing the necklace right on top of her head. Logan wondered if she was able to hold on to it, as she liked to jump a lot…literally.

All of the sudden, sounds were being heard at the bush nearby. They were being louder than before, when Logan didn’t mind. Logan turned to the bush to find a yellow rodent with red cheeks and a lightning tail coming out of the bush. Its fur on the top of the head was spiked up, giving this Pikachu a tough look. Logan stood there, glancing at the yellow mouse. She didn’t move a muscle as she was awed by the cuteness of the Pikachu.

“Oh hello there, little one,” Logan greeted, “You look so adorable!”

“Pika Pika!” The Pikachu cried at Logan. She couldn’t tell whether the Pikachu was being nice or trying to pull a trick. Logan bent over to get close to the Pikachu, and reached out for it. The Pikachu looked at her in a funny way, at the same time it wanted to bite the fingers off of the trainer, but it didn’t want to attack immediately. It was trying to gain confidence. Logan wasn’t certain whether she’d dare to touch the Pikachu or simply walk away. She did what she dared to do.

“What brought you here?” She asked.

The Pikachu stayed silent.

Staryu jumped up in front of Logan, with a battle position she wasn’t aware of. “Staryu…what are you doing…?”

The Staryu didn’t bother to listen to Logan. She jumped and spun herself around, aiming to tackle the Pikachu. Suddenly, the Pikachu was able to dodge the attack just in time, quickly sprinting away. Sparks start to pop from the yellow mouse. It cringed with anger towards the Staryu. Logan wasn’t liking where the whole thing was heading. She took a step back from the ongoing battle, then she tripped on a rock and fell on the streaming water, getting most of her bottom half of the body wet. “Oh god!” she complained. She splashed the water with her fists with frustration.

“Pikachu!” The Pikachu roared at the Staryu. She then spun for another tackle. But the Pikachu was charging up an attack…a Thundershock attack. “Chuuuuuuuuuuuuu!” It finally releases a charge of electricity, traveling towards Staryu. It became a direct it, zapping the Staryu and unleashing the strength from her. As a water-type, there was no guarantee whatsoever if Staryu would survive the attack. Pikachu finished the Thundershock attack, witnessing its opponent falling down to the ground.

Staryu was downright done, her red jewel in the middle of her star-shaped body was flashing red with weakness. Logan got up from the stream, her shorts dripping with water, and was barefooted…yet to put on her shoes just yet. She ran towards the weak Staryu and took out a spare Potion from her pocket. Bending down to one knee, she stared at the Pokemon and opened the Potion. “Don’t worry, I’ll cure you!” Hesitantly, she sprayed at the wounds on each of the five sides, including the one holding the Mystic Water. She then looked up to the Pikachu that decided to attack her, realizing that some Pokemon can be very hostile sometimes.

The Pikachu decided to dash off, crunching the leaves with its four paws. “Pika…Pika…Pika…”

Staryu woke up after a few moments, it moved a bit on Logan’s arm. Her middle jewel started to glow again. She gets off from Logan and heads to the water again.

“No time to play now, Staryu. We need to train,” Logan stood up and brushed off the dirt from her knee. “It’s gonna be hard, but you need the experience. Maybe later we’ll find that Pikachu again and beat the crap out of it. It’s not fair to be defeated by just one attack.”

“Heeeeyah,” Staryu responded as she stopped splashing.

“Come on, then,” Logan commanded. “Let’s find…some weaker opponent.”

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