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I haven't made an announcement because the tiers and ladder don't work. And because the ladder doesn't work, registering won't either (PS requires one to have a rated battle before registering). For some reason, whenever one tries to play in a tier that doesn't allow "illegal Pokémon" (assuming it means unreleased stuff) like OU, it states that all Pokémon are illegal and thus banned. I've been trying to find a fix to the problem, but I really have no idea what's causing it. I tried making my own server to figure it out, but I'm having too many issues with that. My last resort was asking in Smogon's PS forum, and I think I'll do just that. Still, the tier "Hackmons" allows illegal Pokémon and can be used for now (doesn't have team preview though). Anyway, yeah it's just "" with "" at the end. For convenience, here's a short URL:

I'm planning to make an announcement with a list of all the changes made to CBC including the PS server, but I've been holding out until the server is working properly.

Originally Posted by Vrai View Post
Also, this is a little nit-picky but you might want to change 'aesoft' where it's listed in the guides & help thread to 'Zarel', which is what his Smogon username is now.
Yeah I knew about that, but I wasn't sure whether to change it because his website still says "aeosoft."

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I was thinking we should make userbars/banners to promote CBC and find new people who are interested. Nica said she didn't think it would be effective enough to bother, but I want a second opinion
Could work. It might not change anything until we do some stuff to improve activity (see: get the battle server working), so people actually have a reason to stay and be active.