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Chapter Three

Having boarded the boat, Chaos trudged to the front desk, ready to sign in. The ladies at the dsk had gone, so Chaos rang a bell, which called Nurse Joy over. Chaos wrote her name in the book, then had her pokemon healed. Nurse Joy was very nice and polite, so Chaos punched her in the nose. Chaos then proceeded to the pokemart stand. At the stand there was a woman with items and a dorr to the trade room. The woman looked frghtened of Chaos, presumably since she had broken Nurse Oy's nose. Chaos slid 10 pokedollars on thebench, asking for a potion. The stand lady was so afraid, that she gave Chaos a potion and a free superrod, just for 10 pokedollars. Chaos sighed, smacking down the woman and taking back her money.Chaos didnt wat to lose her pokeon in a trade, so she walked to a small balcony and cast out her rod. Lmost instantl, a Oothoot pooed on the deck. Chaos sent out her Pigey, which used gust to hit the Hoothott, then wing attack to finish it off. Chaos sighed, ad threw a pokeball.
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