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    Malik Grizz-Da Boat
    Malik ignored the ninja and continued to the lottery corner. He purchased another ticket, which read 21342. "Thank you ma'am." He walked to the side deck and saw a rather cool looking Pidgey. He threw out Venom in his new Beedrill version. "Use Poison Sting!" The Beedrill shot pink needles out at the bird, knocking it down. Before it could react, Malik threw a pokeball at it. It twitched a few times, then dinged. Malik picked it up and looked around. He saw a rather attractive looking girl in a blue tracksuit and a cool hat. He walked up to her and realized who she was. "You're Winona!" He knew almost all gym leaders and champions.

    She laughed. "You're the first person who new that. Would you like to trade a pokemon for my Swablu? I don't really need it, and I wanna train a new pokemon." Malik nodded furiously and held up his new Pidgey. He hadn't gotten attached, so it wouldn't be a problem. She took it and handed him the Swablu's pokeball. "Here you go. Tell it 'Sky Blue' and it will know whats going on. Feel free to name it." She smiled happily.

    "Thanks! Feel free to name that Pidgey too." He grinned, flashing his award winning smile. She kissed him on the cheek and left. He smiled yet again, then threw out the Swablu. "Sky Blue." It nodded. "How do you like the name Cersei?" She nodded happily. "Welcome to the team Cersei!" He returned Venom and Cersei both to their pokeball and walked into there restraunt.