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    First post in this forum. I love Emerald a lot, and played through it (normally and with a randomizer) maybe 4 or 5 times. So when I found this hack, I had to make an account and try it out. Seriously, this was amazing! I just beat the Elite Four with this team (needed plenty of Revives):

    Forretress LV 73 Item: Leftovers
    Light Screen, Toxic, Silver Wind, Explosion

    Houndoom LV 75 Item: None
    Thief (underrated move), Flamethrower, Crunch, Overheat

    Kabutops LV 77 Item: Hard Stone
    Rain Dance, Surf, Ancientpower (wish it had base power 70 like Silver Wind), Aerial Ace

    Zapdos LV 72 Item: Magnet
    Thunder Wave, Steel Wing, Fly, Thunderbolt

    Marowak LV 76 Item: Thick Club
    Ice Beam, Headbutt (flinch hax, better than Return IMO), Rock Slide, Earthquake

    Medicham LV 82 Item: Silk Scarf
    Fake Out, Secret Power, Shadow Ball, Cross Chop

    Literally the most satisfying playthrough of a Pokemon game in years. I'm pretty excited to see all the post game surprises lol. Again, great game.
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