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    Jonathan Requiescat Drent
    -Route 1-

    Having acquired enough rest, John send out his Pidove, and sprayed a Potion in it, instantly healing it. Pidove then flapped until it reached John's shoulders, where it stayed...

    "Is it okay if I call you Lovey Dovey?" John asked his Pidove.

    Pidove just turned his head up and down, which John considered as a yes. They all stood up and began venturing farther into the Route, walking around lots of tall grass.

    A blue monkey suddenly kicked John's Pikachu, sending it flying away a considerable distance, it was a Panpour, and it apparently just kicked Pikachu for fun...

    "Wait, what?" John said after processing what had happened.

    The Panpour then jumped over Pikachu and began scratching it over and over again.

    "Ah! Pikachu, use Thundershock!"

    Immediately after hearing John's words, Pikachu released sparks from its body, which then sent the Panpour flying. Angered, the blue ape stood up, a shot a spurt of water at Pikachu, which dodged it, but before Pikachu landed, Panpour kicked it in its belly, sending it flying until it hit a tree.

    "Pikachu!" John yelled, waiting for Pikachu to give any response, but Pikachu wasn't moving anymore... It had fainted.

    After watching how the Panpour had easily knocked Pikachu out, Pidove began flapping, angry, until it hit Panpour with its now silver-colored wing. Panpour was sent a small distance back, and it then jumped towards Pidove, ready to kick it again...

    "Use... Um, G-Gust!" John said, stuttering, as he was unsure of what moves Pidove knew.

    Much to his luck, Pidove did knew Gust, as it flapped its wings until it summoned a small gust of wind, which caught Panpour in it, and began making it spin around. The wild Panpour then fell in the floor, dizzy, and no longer able to move without tripping...

    "It's time for a Pokeball!" John yelled as he took a Pokeball he had in his left pocket, he threw it at the wild Panpour, which was sealed by a red light inside of it. The capsule began spinning on the ground as John stared at it, patiently waiting to see if the Panpour will be caught by it...

    Click! The ball gave a small sound as John jumped, excited, as he had caught a Panpour. He placed Pikachu back in his Pokeball, and then he and Pidove bagan doing a silly dance next to the Pokeball...