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I know the feeling (not here though elsewhere). Yeah i was hoping more of relative who is a ranger so then It can be some sort of like,

Isaac: Smith? You're dad Ranger John Smith?

Person Smith: Yeah why?

Isaac: My father is Ranger Deladius.

Person: ORLY!?

IDK something like that. Especially since Isaac dislikes the idea of rangers methods. main argument is one pokemon. When a trainer could do the same job with multiple pokemon and do it better. He shows this a bit in how his pokemon and him can do some nifty tricks. IE. Tach can glue himself to surfaces to provide a ledge or foothold.


hmm so we don't know who the father is... well with red hair it must come from her father... that brings down the numbers to.... nevermind I got nothing.

seriously a nice SU though. can't wait til yellow sees it. After how Isaac's meeting with the last rich girl from suicune it might be interesting to see what happens on try too.
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