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    The sun was high in the sky, and Geoff Bates was darn happy to be alive. Today's the day I get a Pokemon! This is going to be AWESOME. He took a deep breath as he headed towards Littleroot Town, through Route 1, and exhaled. The fresh smell of the trees and the grass was heavenly, and much different from the salty, smoky air of Slateport City, so near the sea, and many ships leaving and entering port. He came up to a ledge, where he could see down the route, towards Littleroot. HOP! He jumped down. Even closer. I can TASTE that Pokemon! ...Okay, that sounded weird. Geoff came up to another ledge. HOP! So close!

    Geoff arrived in Littleroot Town, and headed towards the largest, most sterile looking building. That must be the lab! He walked inside, quivering with excitement. The journey from Slateport was long, but it was finally coming to fruition!
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