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    Elizabeth "Eli" Anderson

    "Thanks, Professor," she said, preparing to leave Birch's lab with a new PokéDex and six Pokéballs, one containing her starter Pokémon.

    "It was a pleasure meeting you, young man." She didn't correct him. He already thought her strange enough as a boy who was given a Skitty as their first Pokémon; what'd happen if he found out she was a girl dressing like a boy? The Skitty was an annoying little thing, but Elizabeth kind of liked that part about it. Leaving the lab, she immediately let Skitty out of his Pokéball and treaded out towards Route 101. Meanwhile, she took a few sights in from Littleroot Town. So serene, relaxing... and boring. An excited young man was practically skipping past them to the lab as they left... but still boring.

    "You know, I should give you a name."


    "No, not Miau. How about Annoying Little Ball of Fluff?"

    "Miau!" Angry.

    "Yeah, too long." Trying to make an acronym out of it didn't do any good, but it did give her an idea for a name. "How's Albion sound?"

    The annoying ball of fur's tail perked up at the name, though it was still followed by an inquisitive meow.

    "That'll work, won't it?"

    "Miau!" He seemed to enjoy it this time.

    "Albion it is." The newly-named Skitty quickly found himself chasing his own tail, circling around Eli like flies around rotting meat as they walked. "You could probably irritate a Pokémon into submission." At this, Albion scurried up Eli's legs and back, stopping to sit on her head. "That's a yes."

    It didn't take too long to hit Route 101, and there was a nice variety of Pokémon, some more abundant than others.

    "What say we grab up one of the less plentiful first?"

    "Miau." He was probably happy he could have friends. Soon enough, they spotted a defenseless-looking Vulpix hiding in the grasses. Its orange tails stood out amongst all the green, and it definitely looked smaller than the Vulpix Eli'd seen at Mount Pyre.

    "Alright, Albion, Scratch. Let's get this--" and the Skitty flew off Eli's head, pushing her hat down against the top half of her face. Albion ran around the Vulpix wildly before closing in with its claws, only to be blown back by a light flame. "Okay, not defenseless, but that makes it even better. Scratch again!" The Skitty obeyed a second time, getting the Vulpix on the ground. Though the Fire-type tried to use Ember again, it couldn't keep up with Skitty's frantic running, getting dizzy and falling over even though it only had a few scars from the attacks. Did Albion use Swagger without her telling him to, or was that just him being extremely hyper?

    "Whatever," she said, pulling a Pokéball from her belt loop and throwing it at the Vulpix. "Let's go."

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