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After a quick search, it seems like there haven't been many successful Mafia games on this forum. Well, I'm going to try my hand at it.

There are two sides to this game: the Mafia and the Civilians. For the Mafia, the goal is to outnumber the civilians, which will prevent the civilians from winning. for the Civilians, the goal is to eliminate all of the Mafia. The Civilians can eliminate one player per round by voting.

There are two phases: Day and Night. During the Day Phase, players may discuss anything they wish to discuss (game-related). This is also the period where the civilians will take a vote - they are voting for whoever they believe is a Mafia member. Whoever has a majority vote (or whoever has the most votes once everyone has voted) will be killed by the civilians. If there is a tie, the soul of the first player killed will be summoned to be a tiebreaker.

During the Night Phase, all of the players with specific character roles will do whatever it is they are supposed to do. See the Roles section for more details.

1) Once you have died, you may NOT post in this thread. In addition, if a game is in progress and you are not in the game, you may also not post in this thread.
2) You may not communicate with anyone outside of this thread. That means NO PM's. The only exception to this is the Mafia members, who may communicate via a QuickTopic thread.
3) You may change your vote at any time, unless a majority is reached, in which case the votes are locked into place and the person with the most votes will be killed.
4) You may make a "no vote" if you don't feel like you have enough information to vote for someone.
5) Although you may claim (reveal) your role in the thread, you may not quote or rewrite any PMs you receive from me. You may paraphrase the PM, though.
6) This color is my color. As Gamemaster of this Mafia game, I claim the right to enforce any of the rules of this game. I do not claim to have any other administrative power for this forum.
7) Play to win, although try to have fun while doing so. If you cannot be fairly active in this game, this isn't the game for you.
8) If someone is inactive in this game, I will replace them with another player. If I cannot find a player to replace them, they will simply be Modkilled.

In addition, all PokeCommunity forum rules and Other Trivia forum rules apply.

1) Mafia Goon: You are a member of the Mafia. As a team, during the Night Phase, you may PM me the name of one player you wish to be killed. At any time, you may also send me a message that you wish to be anonymously posted (it will be identified only as from the Mafia).
2) Mafia Role Cop: You are a member of the Mafia. During the Night Phase, in addition to the normal Mafia power, you have the ability to discover the role of one person of your choice (via PM).
3) Civilian Cop: You are a civilian. Each Night Phase, you may ask me via PM for the alignment of one other player, which is guaranteed to be accurate.
4) Civilian Jailkeeper: You are a civilian. Each Night Phase, you can Jail one person. This person will be unable to use their Night ability (if applicable), but no one else will be able to use their ability on this person, either.
5, 6, 7, 8, 9) "Vanilla" Civilian: You are a civilian. You have no extra abilities.

All roles have the ability to vote during the day.

I have tried to explain all of the details here, but if you still don't understand anything, please let me know.

Who would like to participate in this game?