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    Geoff gratefully accepted his Slugma, Pokedex, and pokeballs from Professor Birch. "Thank you so much! I'll take good care of her, I promise!" The Slugma blew flames from her mouth, excited at having a partner. "Let's go, Slugma!" The Lava Pokemon smiled and followed Geoff out of the lab, back to Route 101.

    Looking down at his new partner, Geoff snapped his fingers. "Scarlett. Your name can be Scarlett! Do you like it?" "Slugma slug." she replied with a grin. "Well, I guess I'll take that as a yes. It's great to meet you, Scarlett! I'm Geoff. We're going to be good friends, I already know it!" Scarlett just smiled and continued blobbing along. "Quiet type, eh? That's alright!"

    The first Pokemon Geoff saw on Route 101, he was nearly jumping up and down with joy and excitement--a Poochyena was sniffing at a wrinkled Oran berry, and wasn't showing any sign that it noticed Geoff or Scarlett. "Scarlett, this is it! Our first battle! Use Ember on that Poochyena!"

    When Scarlett saw the other Pokemon, her eyes grew wide and fearful, and she darted behind Geoff's leg, which immediately set aflame from the Slugma's Flame Body. "OW! OW OW OW OW OW! NO, GET BACK! OW! YOU'RE BURNING ME!" Geoff frantically slapped at the leg of his pants, trying to smother the flames.

    The Poochyena perked up, growled, and darted for the pair. "No, no, no, no!!" A sharp set of teeth closed around Geoff's other leg in a bite attack. "ARRRRRRGHHH!!" Geoff yelled out, and was now trying to combat threats to both of his legs. His Slugma watched quietly as he smothered the flames on his singed pantleg, and tried to shake the Poochyena off of the other.

    Eventually, the Poochyena was shaken off, and landed on its feet, a meter back. "Scarlett, before he bites me again, use Ember!" The Slugma hurried over to Geoff, and blew a gout of flame towards the wild Pokemon, resulting in a pained yelp. "Good job, S--Look out, he's coming back!"

    The Poochyena leapt at Scarlett, and bit down on the Lava Pokemon--resulting in more pained yelping, from both Pokemon. The Poochyena ran in circles, flapping its tongue all over its face, trying to ease the pain of its burn. Geoff hastily pulled an empty pokeball out of his bag, and threw it at Poochyena. "You're mine, now!"
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