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Eli Anderson - Attempt at Catching a Vulpix

After throwing a Pokeball against the fox Pokemon, Vulpix was quickly swallowed by a red beam of light. The Pokeball fell in the ground, and began shaking constantly.

After a couple of seconds, the Pokeball stopped... and Vulpix broke free out of the capsule. However, Vulpix is still willing to fight against Skitty with the rest of its energy, and thus, Eli might be able to catch it by throwing another Pokeball...

Geoff Bates - Attempt at Catching a Poochyena

After running around slapping its tongue everywhere, Poochyena was sealed by the Pokeball's beam of light. The capsule feel at the floor and began shaking all around. Eventually, the ball stopped, and gave a sound that almost sounded like a click.

Poochyena was caught!
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