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Pokemon following you around like in Yellow,HG,SS
Yes I would love to see this return I don't know why it was removed in Black and White.

Berry Trees Back
No. I never really cared about them. I didn't even pick any berries up I thought it wasn't a good feature.

New Battle system (6 on 6, etc.)
No more new battle systems. Rotation, Triple and Double are enough but I'd like to see more of them in the main game, whether it be against gym leaders or just trainers. In Black and White you should have been able to battle Cress, Chilli and Cilan in a triple battle where they used Panpour, Pansear and Pansage.

Multiple Regions
If they do add this idea maybe they should make you have to pick a new starter and catch new Pokèmon's instead of using your old ones.

Battle Frontier return
I liked it in Emerald I had all the symbols. But in HeartGold I didn't even beating all the frontier brains just because the battle faculties were boring.

New Starter types
Big no they should just keep the traditional Fire, Water and grass type starters.

Dark type Gym Leader
Yes. Dark type is just so underrated I dont think there's been a gym leader that has dark types in any Pokemon game

Tournament instead of elite four
Maybe, it could be a breath of fresh air maybe there's a tournament with 64 random trainers and in the finals it could be you vs your rival and if you win you face the champion and then you become champion.

Return of team rocket

New eeveelutions
They could add a steel type eeveelution or even a ghost type which you get by using a Dusk Stone.

New storyline
Yes. Black and White was the first game I felt had a different story then all of the other games. The story in that game was incredible. It was finally something different other then get gym badges, stop evil organization and become champion.
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