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    Forrest leapt off the roof and landed smoothly at the entrance of Route 101 with Sasuke in tow. The pair looked at each other and nodded simultaneously. They began to walk side by side until something leapt out at them. A Lotad attached itself to Sasuke's face, forcing it to the ground. Before he could clearly think, Forrest grabbed the pokemon and flung it away. "This is our first battle, Sasuke." He remembered the attacks the professor told him. "Use Absorb!" The Treeko leapt forward and shot a vine at the Lotad. It wrapped around it's body and began to drain it's energy. It started to move forward, but was going incredibly slow due to the vines wrapped around it. It was right next to Sasuke when Forrest called out, "Alright, fall back." The Treeko complied and drew it's vines back. Forrest tossed one of the pokeballs the professor had given him at the Lotad, and it disappeared with a red flash into the metal capsule, and it began to shake.
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