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    They young boy walked over and reached into Salias' hoodie pocket for a pokeball, found one, and tossed it onto the deck floor releasing Shadow. Salias looked up and managed to duck under another quick attack from the swablu. He turned to face the wild pokemon and fight back now that his eevee was out. "Try and bite it Shadow! Watch out he is fast!" Shadow was hopping from right to left in anticipation, following the bird pokemon with his eyes and trying to dodge its attacks, but he just couldn't keep up with swablu's speed. The struggle had freed the swablu from the tangle of fishing line, but it stayed to fight out of what seemed to be sheer anger now. "Hang in there Shadow! Try bite again!" The eevee lept into the air just as swablu was about to land another attack and connected, or it least it seemed that way at first, but looking closer Salias saw that the swablu had grabbed Shadow as he jumped up to counter and knocked him right out of the air over the side of the ship.

    "SHADOOOWW!" he yelled as he raced to the railing, the eevee crashing into the water. Salias managed to return his pokemon to its pokeball before it was swept away in the current, however, the wild swablu wasn't finished. The tiny bird pokemon sat clinging on the railing of the ship slowly bobbing up and down as the boat rocked back and forth with a mean look in its eyes, which were fixed on the trainer. Salias flicked open his pokedex and aimed it at his enemy.

    Swablu: the cotton bird pokemon. It often cleans itself with its wings for several hours a day.

    "It often goes berserk is more like it...whats up with this swablu dexter?"

    "Swablu is currently under the effects of Rage. It's attack has been elevated."

    "Yeah no kidding...well I still have one more pokemon left. Come on out Abra! This one is for Shadow!" Salias threw the pokeball and the small Abra appeared. Swablu immediately took off into the sky and dove down at the Abra, but he quickly teleported to safety a few feet away. Again and again the swablu swooped in and Abra teleported to safety. "This isn't going to work...we need to do something Abra!" he shouted, but as he gave the command the abra turned to acknowledge his trainer and swablu landed a direct hit sending the abra to the floor. "NO! I won't let you both get so hurt because I messed up." Salias ran over and shielded abra with his body as swablu's beak scored several hits against his back. The abra looked up at Salias and gave a small nod. All of a sudden the attacks weren't coming anymore. Salias looked up to see where the swablu had gone, only to stare it in the face just inches above his head, it had a strange blueish aura around it.

    Dexter's voice was heard again, he must have dropped the pokedex as he ran to save his friend; "Abra has learned Confusion. Under its effects enemy pokemon often behave unusually and have even been known to injure themselves." The swablu's expression had certainly changed even though its posture hadn't. The tiny bird pokemon just floated in place for a moment before it was sent crashing into one of the table on the deck, then back into the air before coming down hard again. "You wanted to protect me too huh?" Salias said as he looked at his abra. "I think that little guy has had enough though. Should we add him to the team? I know I'd rather have him fighting with us rather than against us anytime soon." Abra simply nodded again and released its psychic hold from the swablu. Salias pulled out an empty pokeball and pressed the center button to expand it before throwing it at the downed bird pokemon. A flash of red light went off as the pokemon disappeared inside the pokeball as it began to shake softly. Salias noticed a pair of super rods on the ground near where the pokeball was shaking, "I never even got his name...or to thank him." He walked over and picked the rods up and watched the pokeball patiently, yet excited.
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