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Geoff heard some ruckus from around the corner, but shrugged, and continued walking down Route 101. Scarlett and Bandit were walking alongside him. He took a deep breath, and exhaled. "I love this place! All these trees, and Pokemon...Can't wait to see the REST of Hoenn!" As he walked along, he heard a panicked cry; "Wuurrrrrmple!" A Wurmple had seen him, and was running away as fast as he could. "You're going to be my next Pokemon, buddy! --Scarlet, use Ember!"

The Slugma sprayed flames across the grass, and they struck the Wurmple. The Pokemon tumbled, and landed flat on its back, defeated. A few more Wurmple hurried into the clearing, and dragged their fallen friend away to nurse it back to health. "Woops..." Geoff scratched his head, embarrassed. "You're too strong, Scarlett! Hahah."
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