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    Pokemon following you: Nah. This was a gimmick from Yellow and HGSS that doesn't need to be repeated.
    Berry Trees Back: Eh, why not?
    New Battle system: Nope, the battle system we have is fine.
    Multiple Regions: Not really necessary but they could make it work like they did with GSC/HGSS. Maybe the next generation can be based in America again, and next to Unova (or you get the option to travel to Unova via plane or something).
    Battle Frontier return: Yeah, this idea I'm okay with. I've never really experienced it but it went over well with many of the series' fans.
    New Starter types: I'm of the minority who wouldn't mind this change at all. It'd make a nice change.
    Dark type Gym Leader: A Dark type Gym Leader would be cool, seeing as we haven't had one yet. I wouldn't mind another Ground type Gym, too.
    Tournament instead of elite four: Only if the tournament decides who faces the E4. Otherwise no. This is not the anime.
    Return of Team Rocket: Again, this is unnecessary. They've disbanded for good now, and it's nicer to see fresh new teams.
    New Eeveelutions: I wouldn't mind this, but I wont be bummed out if we don't get any more.
    New storyline (Not the old ten year old sets out to be champ and stop bad guys): Agreed. I've made a thread and posted about this scenario in the past: I'd love to see the protagonist join the evil team for a while and work his way up to executive, and eventually leave over a disagreement with the team leader (I.E. the teams goals turn out to be selfishly intended, as usual).

    The Pokemon World Tournament should definitely return for Gen VI. Such a fantastic concept/aspect that would be a shame to only see in one set of games (B2W2).
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