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    Elizabeth "Eli" Anderson, Route 101

    "No dice, huh? I like you already. Albion--" it was already flying in to scratch at the Vulpix again, the Pokéball flying back to Eli's hand before losing its ability to function. Waste of a Pokéball, but at least her mother gave her some extra cash before she left. She could pick up a few more in Oldale Town.

    While Albion was scratching away, Eli was thinking of names for the Vulpix. It was feisty, she wasn't just /not/ gonna catch it! "How about Aila? Looks like a girl." Then again, Eli herself doesn't at the moment. "Maybe Vex." While she was thinking of names, she saw a Lotad trodding off between trees in a satisfactory posture. "Hey, Albi, you done there?" When she looked up at the pair of Pokémon, she noticed one unconscious Skitty and one very tired Vulpix with hearts in its eyes, and both of them had scratch marks. Did the Vulpix give up on using Ember and just randomly attack?

    That was probably the answer. Albion's Cute Charm took effect a little bit back, and that only proved the Vulpix was a girl further. "Let's try this again; I'll go with Vex." She threw her second Pokéball and watched it fly.

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