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    Forrest got away. He looked at Sasuke, who in turn was slightly appalled at it's first failure. The pair started to walk again, ashamed and low. Oh well, time to climb some trees. Forrest leapt up into the first tree he saw with the Treeko close behind. He noticed a Zigzagoon on the forest floor and silently thanked Arceus. He wasn't going to fail this time! He looked over to Sasuke, who had also noticed the unaware pokemon. He whispered to it, "Jump down there and surprise it with Absorb." The gecko nodded and leapt down silently and approached it from behind, then wrapped the vines around it, draining it's energy. The Zigzagoon quickly broke free and used a powerful tackle on Sasuke. "Zig!" It began to repeatedly tackle the Treeko before Forrest shouted out, "Use Endeavor!" Sasuke slapped the Zigzagoon, knocking it down to a lower power level. He used Absorb again, wrapping the vines around it. He grew stronger, and pinned the Zigzagoon on the ground by leaping on top of it. "I have you now!" Forrest threw his fourth pokeball down. He watched the Zigzagoon disappear with a red flash and crossed his fingers.
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