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    Isla V.T.
    Littleroot Town

    Isla stumbled out of the pokemon lab in Littleroot Town, still somewhat poised, though it was obvious she was still in a daze from being star-stuck. In her arms was her shiny new pokedex, a handful of pokeballs (one of which contained her very own pokemon), and the copy of her favorite textbook now sporting a signature of its author. Isla let out a quick shrill of excitement and placed her things into her small shoulder bag as she raced out towards Route 1. Upon arrival it was almost to much to look at all at once, there were pokemon rustling in the grass, sunning in the branches of trees, and splashing in small puddles left from the rain the night before. It was as if the book she revered almost as her bible was coming to life right in front of her eyes. Isla reached into her bag and scanned anything that moved with her pokedex, loading it with information she planned to compile into a journal of sorts to catalog her journey. She wandered through the grass and into a few small clearing chasing every pokemon as if she was a little girl running through her fathers museum again asking questions about each and every exhibit. She sat down near a small pool of water and released her prized pokemon from its pokeball for a quick swim to cool off.


    "My very own pokemon. I still can't believe it! I almost want to kiss you!"

    Fee? replied the fish with an inquisitive tone.

    "I said almost. At least buy me dinner first."

    Isla sat with her feet dipped in the cool water, the pool was only a few feet deep, just a run-off spot for all of the rain that washed down the road. Feebas splashed about enjoying its freedom. Isla layed back and sighed deep with happiness, if this is what it meant to be a trainer and get to encounter pokemon all over Hoenn then she was in for the time of her life. She felt a tickle at her toes and giggled, "Stop it Feebas that tickles" she looked down to smile at her pokemon, only feebas was swimming in a circle around a small lilypad that Isla was sure wasn't there a second ago...the tickle happened again, only this time she pulled her feet out of the water and the lilypad looked up at her. "Ack! what are you little fella?" Isla scanned the pokemon and learned it was a lotad. "Seems you needed a swim just as much as feebas huh?" she smiled at the pokemon. "Hey feebas, wanna get some practice in with this guy? You could probably use it." she said in a joking tone. The lotad flipped back into the water with a grin on his face and floated out into the center of the pool. Feebas lept out of the water with a battle cry and the battle was on!


    The lotad was much more agile in the water and it made the first move, a rushing tackle attack. "Lotad are slow on land but are at home in the water like you feebas, double-team, GO!" Feebas darted back and forth under the water quicker than the eye could follow, and suddenly it looked like there were 3 or 4 of the fish swimming around. The lotad plowed into them one after another, but the tackle went right through the copies. "Keep it up feebas, you're doing great." The lotad slowly sank to the bottom of the pool and raised its head. "Wonder what its doing...keep your guard up!" Isla called out. Lotad had used absorb and the water shifted towards the center of the pool where it was resting. Feebas took the hit pretty hard due to its weakness but it wasn't out of the fight yet. "Let's show him what we can do, use Brine!" Feebas reared back and let loose a rush of water at the center of the pool hitting the lotad and sending him barrel rolling through the water. "Again, brine!" Another jet of water pounded the lotad, knocking it against the bank of the small pool. Isla plucked a pokeball from her belt clip and smiled, she was actually doing all the things she had only ever read about growing up. "Ok pokeball, lets go!" She tossed the ball at the lotad and it bounced off of its big leafy head before grabbing it with a red beam, the ball hit the surface of the pool with a sploosh and rolled underwater, the small red light still visable as the ball began to shake. Feebas swam in circles around the pokeball in anticipation, ready to continue the fight if need be.
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