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    Geoff was shuffling around in the tall grass, when he noticed Elizabeth. Hey, I saw him already. He was the one who rushed ahead of me in the lab, and rushed out before I could even talk to Professor Birch. ...He looks cute. "Hi there!" he called to Eli as he waved and smiled.

    A large object fell out of the tree above him and cracked him on the back of the head. His vision swam with lights and shapes. "OW!! WHY THE HELL IS ALL OF THIS HAPPENING TO ME TODAY?!?" He looked down, at the Seedot that had fallen on his head. The Acorn Pokemon glared at him, and stiffened as it used Harden. "You want to battle, then? Alright! Scarlett, use Ember!" The Slugma blew flames at the Seedot, which jumped up and down in pain, but it held its ground. The Seedot stiffened again, though it looked like it was building strength, using Bide.

    "That's not a very smart move, buddy...Scarlett, hit 'im again!" Another Ember attack sent the Seedot spinning away, stars in its eyes. "Woo! Nice work, hon'!" The Slugma bobbed up and down happily.
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