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    Eli Anderson - Attempt at Catching a Vulpix

    Once again, Vulpix was sealed by a Pokeball, which at the moment was currently shaking in the floor. The Pokeballs was taking its time... A little bit too much, actually, as if Vulpix was struggling to get out once more... At the end, Vulpix seemingly gave up, as the capsule stopped, emitting a sound that seemed to be like a click

    Vulpix was caught!
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    Flash Fire
    Forrest Top - Attempt at Catching a Zigzagoon

    A gentle and joyful Zigzagoon was taking his daily stroll in Route 101, and it all seemed to be nice, as always. And then, in less than a minute, he was entangled by some weird vines and sealed inside a small capsule... The Pokeball was rocking from one said to another, eventually stopping, emitting a click in signal that Zigzagoon was caught. This Zigzagoon doesn't know who this person is, but he will certainly regret interrupting his daily stroll...

    Zigzagoon was caught!

    Isla Van Tricht - Attempt at Catching a Lotad

    After a fierce battle against a Feebas, Lotad was finally sealed inside of a Pokeball, which began rocking around for a while... After struggling to get out, Lotad surrendered and let the ball stop, which emitted a slight click afterwards...

    Lotad was caught!
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