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    Sasuke picked up the pokeball the Zigzagoon was contained in, jumped into the bushes, then handed it to Forrest. "Good job buddy!" He held up his hand for a high five, but recieved a tail five instead. It almost knocked him off his precarious perch, but he caught himself.

    He didn't have any potions to heal the Zigzagoon, so he would have to grin and bear it until he reached the nearest Pokemon Center. He swifty clambered to the ground and released his new found partner. "Hi there." The Zigzagoon blinked once, then tackled Forrest's legs, making him fall to the ground. "Ow! Your new name is Benedict!" He shouted. The Zigzagoon seemed to like the name, as it grinned and it's tail wagged. "Yeah, that's a good name..."He grimaced. This was going to be a handful...He returned Benedict to it's pokeball then jumped back into the trees with Sasuke. Might as well move on. He started to make his way to the end of Route 1.
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