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Rolling around in bed, Dante found himself unable to sleep. Looking over the corner of the bed, he saw Charmander in a similar predicament. “I’m not that sleepy buddy, are you?” “Char” replied Charmander. “What about you zubat?” Dante said, looking at the bat pokemon. Zubat kept snoring, it seemed to be in a sleepy state. “Well, ill let you rest some more Zubat, return” Dante said as he returned Zubat to his pokeball.
After gathering his things, Dante walked out the door into the hall with charmander close behind. Out of nowhere a purple hair girl appeared in front of him for a split second, “Wha…..” Dante said as she was gone as soon as she appeared. Dante thought he just imagined it and continued on the hallway, but the girl appeared and disappeared agin, first in front of, then behind him. The girl wouldn’t stop, Dante couldn’t keep walking down the hallway.

“Stop it!” Dante yelled as he began to reach all over the hall trying to grab her to stop her annoying game. By pure luck, he grabbed her arm, stopping her disappearance. “Off me you punk!” she said, throwing Dante hand off her. “You ruined my fun!” said the purple hair girl shouted. “You’re bothering me”, replied Dante. “Well…I have a new idea of fun, how about a pokemon battle?” the purple hair girl said, pulling a pokeball out of her pocket. “Fine with me, I choose you charmander”, Dante said. Charmander ran in front of Dante, ready to battle. “This’ll be easy, go Muk!”, The purple hair girl released Muk from its pokeball.

“Charmander, use scratch!” Charmander lunged at muk with an open paw. The attack didn’t go as intended, the lizard pokemons paw got stuck in Muks body. “Muk, use sludge bomb!” Muk hit Charmander with an explosive ball of sludge, dislodging and knocking charmander back. He wasn’t giving up though, standing back up, charmander looked angry. Before Dante could say anything, Charmander opened his mouth, letting out a cloud of smoke, obscuring the hallway. “Wow, Charmander learned smokescreen!”. Charmander was on a role in this battle, before Dante could congratulate him, Charmander let out a small flame attacking, hitting Muk. “Wow, ember too”. Said Dante. “Okay, time to end this, Muk use body slam” the girl said. Muk leapt forward with great speed towards Charmander, Muks body slammed into and covered charmander completely. “Muk, let em go, I think he’s done”. As Muk got off charmander, it was obvious he was done. Muk’s attack had paralyzed charmander, he couldn’t even get up. “Charmander return” Dante said, returning him to his pokeball.

“Go Zubat!” the bat pokemon emerged from it pokeball, looking a bit tired, but ready to fight nonetheless. “Use leech life!”, Zubat flew up to Muk and bit it, Muk didn’t even seem to move. “Big mistake” said the purple haired girl, Dante soon realized his mistake. Zubat was damaged by trying to drain energy from Muk, due to the fact that Muk is basically a big pile of poison. “Let’s end this now body slam it Muk”, the girl said smiling. Muk leapt through the air hitting Zubat, he was done. “Zubat, return”, Dante said disappointed at the loss.
“Nice try, you need to train more though, that was way too easy, my Muk barley felt that ember attack” the girl said. “Tell you what though, I’ll stop scaring passengers”, she said as she returned Muk to its ball. “You’ve been doing this to other people?” said Dante, confused. “Yeah, I like to do this when I get bored, see ya around”, the girl said as she disappeared one last time.
Although he lost, his pokemon both tried their best, “she’s right, I bet she could tell that was my first battle”, Dante thought as he made his way to the pokemon center to heal ,his teammates. “Hi, back so soon?”, the nurse said with a smile. “Yeah, I bit of more than I could chew”, Dante said as he handed over Charmander and Zubats pokeballs. “Don’t worry, they’ll be good and healthy soon, come back in 20 minutes” the nurse said as she put the pokeballs onto a tray.
Deciding to look around the ship while his pokemon heal, Dante found his way to the lottery corner, purchasing his ticket, it read -21350-. “Maybe I’ll win,” Dante thought as he made his way onto the deck. Checking his pokegear, Dante realized that it had been 20 minutes, so he sprinted back to the poekmon center.
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