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Revenge of the Wurmple!

Geoff was going to walk over to Eli to talk to him/her, when something wrapped around his ankles, and he tripped. Fortunately, he broke his fall with his arms, which were now a bit bruised. "What the?! Ow!" He looked down at his legs, and they were tied up with string. A string shot. The two Wurmples who helped their fallen comrade earlier swung down from the trees to battle, anger burning in their beady little eyes. Geoff tore the string off of his legs, and stood up, ready to fight.

"Scarlett, use Ember on one of them! Bandit, Bite the other!" Geoff ordered his Pokemon. The pair leapt into action. Bandit dashed towards the Wurmples, easily covering the distance, and bit down hard on one of the Wurmples--he cried out in pain, though, because of his burn. The other prepared to Tackle Bandit, but Scarlett blew flames upon him, and the attacking Wurmple fell, defeated.

The second Wurmple shook itself free of Bandit's Bite, and proceeded to Tackle.

"Bandit, look out!" The Poochyena was struck by the Tackle, but remained on his feet. "Tackle it back!" Bandit struck the Wurmple, and it was sent hurtling back into the woods. A string shot came out of the trees, and the other defeated Wurmple was taken home. The battle was over.

"Great job, guys!" Bandit puffed out his chest and grinned. Scarlett shot flames into the air triumphantly.
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