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    Elizabeth "Eli" Anderson, Route 101

    "Sweet. Alright," she continued as she pulled out her Skitty's Pokéball, "c'mon back Albion." He sat himself up, licking his burns and scratch wounds clean before he was zapped back into his digital home. Eli noticed the young man from before greeting her. He was finishing up a battle and about to walk over to her, only to get swarmed by a pair of Wurmple. She couldn't help but chuckle at this.

    Elizabeth watched Geoff command his Pokémon, but both seemed pretty injured already from the previous battles. When they finished up, she approached him instead of making him do it.

    "Impressive, Bug Squasher." When she finished her sentence, Albion came flying out of his Pokéball again, running around Geoff and his pair of Pokémon like his battle with Vex didn't faze him. He really was annoying, but that seemed to benefit him more than hurt Eli.

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