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Title: Pokemon Ranger: Gatherings

Link to fic:

Summary: Aspiring Pokemon researcher Haruka Odamaki and drifter Izaya Saito take their search for legendary Pokemon to Antarctica. What they witness and experience change their lives forever. Soon after, Izaya becomes a Pokemon Ranger and discovers the secrets of his family's murky past as he and his Ranger task-force try to dismantle the most dangerous crime syndicate in the Hoenn region, the Akiyama Mafia.
Special Note: This Fan-Fiction uses Japanese names for people and places that are provided via Bulbapedia; Uses real life locations and countries. Pokemon Regions are in Japan! Except Unova.

Genre: Game-Canon (Well, the story uses the Emerald game-canon as its specifc timeline.) Drama, Action

Degree of Completion: In progress. (Ten Chapters are planned. 4000-8000 word chapters)

One-shot or Chaptered Fic: Chaptered.