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    I've made an SU you can't refuse
    Or else you will wake up with a Rapidash head on ur bed.

    Name: Vincent "Vinny" Rugulo

    Age: 20

    Sex: Male

    Appearance: Vincent isn't a fan of pictures; especially flash photography, but just cameras in general, call him old fashioned. When interviewed by a certain Officer Jenny, many of the.... more..... colorful women remember him as tall, about 6 feet even, with a decent build. The last outfit he was in was a seemingly expensive black suit with red tie and black loafers; the quality being near perfect, as though it were made of Houndoom leather. (though it is pretty torn up and bloody now) He had a fairly tan complexion, being the Boss's (former) right hand man means you're often outside in the sun as much as he is. What the women seem to remember most is his long flowing black hair, such sheen could've only been produced by black market high end Silcoon conditioner. (although it isn't exactly in prime condition now, with all the dirt, spit, and blood) In his current state in the middle of Orre.... let's just say there are some new additions to his features, but only temporarily. A black eye, a torn up and bloody 5000 pokedollar suit, and he seems to be missing a shoe. How the mighty have fallen.

    Personality: While most twenty year olds would be high strung and crazy, Vincent was raised better than that. He is respectful, patient, and an educated gentleman. His generosity is only matched by his ruthlessness. When he wants to be cold, he is a human Ice Beam. When he wants to be vicious, an Ursaring is tame by comparison. He is a charismatic man truly capable of garnering the big 3 from everyone he meets: Fear, Love, and Respect.
    Mostly fear, with good reason, considering he currently has plenty of reasons to tear certain people limb from bloody limb.

    History: Vinny had everything a shrewd businessman and the youngest Team Rocket executive straight out of Cinnabar Tech (and right hand man of the Boss) could ever want: Money, Power, Women, and Respect. He lived a lavish lifestyle while keeping a level head when it came to his (relatively high) place in the pecking order; he was more than well off enough to not need to force his way to the top.
    But even the best laid plans of Rattata and men go awry: He found out that the current Team Rocket boss, Giovanni Jr, had done the unthinkable: snitched to an Officer Jenny about their operations in the Game Corner while they were bumping uglies. Vincent did what any Rocket member loyal to the organization would have done: confront him and make sure the traitor sleeps with the Magikarps.
    However somehow Vinny was framed for it! No one could believe it at first, but no one questions the Boss. The disgraced executive managed to put all of his funds into a hidden account before being found by several grunts with the Boss. They beat him to a bloody pulp and released his pokemon, leaving him to rot in the middle of the Orre region. When he came too, he saw red. What the Boss didn't know was that Vincent's influence was all over Orre. Plenty of people in this formerly god-forsaken region owe their prosperity to his investments. He would rebuild his own empire from the ground-up; and have his revenge.

    Password: DCU999

    Starter Pokémon: Tynamo
    [/FONT]now with 20% more Hot Wailord/Skitty Action!
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