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    Elizabeth "Eli" Anderson, Route 101

    Showing off his damaged pants and bruised scalp, Geoff asked about Elizabeth's Pokémon. "Yeah, that's him. He needs to calm down, though; he's gonna give me a headache with how fast he runs." Though that's kind of where his species gets its name, it's still irritating to a degree.

    "You saw that, eh? Yeah, I fought a Wurmple earlier... I guess those were its buddies."

    "Didn't think Wurmples were able to gang up on people like that without something telling 'em to." Then, for an obligatory handshake, Geoff extended his hand to her. Elizabeth slipped her hand out from under the sleeve hiding it and obligatorily grasped Geoff's hand in return. When the handshake was thoroughly reciprocated and she introduced herself as Eli, she returned her hand to its polyester cave and commanded, "Albion, come."

    At his master's command, he rushed up Eli's side and onto her head only to curl up into a fuzzy pink ball, mewing while it went to sleep. Instead of putting the Skitty away again, since he would probably pop out, she just left him there as she started walking to Oldale Town's Pokémon Center. "So Geoff, where ya from?"

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