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    Isla V.T
    Route 101

    "Way to go feeby!...hey! That's a perfect name for you, Phoebe! What do you think?" Feebas bobbed up and down happy at the sound of its new name. Isla reached into the pool and grabbed the pokeball from the water and released the newly caught lotad. He had a few scrapes and bruises, but didn't seem too injured. "Here you go mister." she said as she fed him a few oran berries from her hand. Isla had studied berries and their effect on pokemon quiet thoroughly and she made sure to pack some for her adventure. Lotad ate happily from her palm and went back into the water with Phoebe feeling refreshed. Isla tossed a few berries into the water for Phoebe as well. "I guess you're going to need a name too little Lotad bro...tad...lobrotad...BROTAD!♥" "Lolotad!" he said happily in response. "Well you two are just perfect. Two water types already, this is great!"

    After a bit Isla returned her pokemon to their respective pokeballs and headed out to explore more. She chose to wander into the more forested area to see what kind of pokemon were there. A few small wurmple crawled along the trees and group of pidgey filled a nearby tree, though as she tried to get a closer look they were spooked and flew away. Isla found a nice spot beneath a tree and sat down. She pulled out her small leather journal and pen and placed them beside her as she looked in her bag for her sketch book and charcoal just in case, but as she turned to take her journal and begin to write in it a small pokemon sat on its tail and was gnawing on her pen. "Oh, well you are as curious of me as I am of you, huh?" Isla reached for the pen, but the sentret hopped back and almost barked at her still clutching the pen in his paws. "That's my pen, but I'll make you a deal, if you can beat one of my pokemon, you can keep it." The sentret just frowned at her and held onto the pen, but it sat up on its tail again at the ready, signaling it wanted to battle.


    "Give it to 'em Brotad!♥" The sentret bounced over towards lotad and tried to land a tailwhip, "Try and dodge it!" Isla called, but he wasn't as fast out of the water and the blow landed clean. He was able to shake off the hit and ran in for a tackle. Sentret was knocked back a bit but recovered rather well. "Seems like you two are an even level. Don't let up though Brotad, Tackle!" Sentret lunged forward with a tackle of its own and the two foes met head on trading blow for blow. Both pokemon were tiring, but neither was willing to give in. A few more tail whips connected and Brotad was showing that he was weak, "Hang in there, you can do this! Tackle one more time, but aim for my pen!" Brotad hadn't noticed the pen that the sentret was somehow still holding onto and he charged in and dove for a hard tackle right at sentrets paws. The sentret tackled back, but when the two collided the pen flew into the air. Surprised and desperate to retrieve his treasure, the sentret ran after the pen trying to catch it as it fell back to the earth, "There's your chance, Tackle attack!" Brotad mustered up his remaining strength and hit with a final tackle that sent the sentret tumbling forward and landing face first into a tree, a critical hit. The sentret sat dazed for a bit and pouted at Isla in his defeat. "Here you go, you earned it." Isla handed the pokemon her pen and watched as the sentret staggered back into the forest with his prize held high.
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