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    Chapter 1 - Littleroot Town

    Becky slowly stepped forward into Littleroot Town. She was fully taking in all the new sights and smells of the mainland. It seemed appropriate that her journey started here. The town was small, but had the fresh scent of new beginnings. She could barely contain her excitement once she spotted the laboratory. "This is it," she thought. "After all this time, I'm finally getting a Pokemon."

    Walking through the doors, she saw a large man in a lab coat. He noticed her as well, and began to greet her enthusiastically. "Ah yes, another trainer! My name is Professor Birch, and you must be Rebecca, correct?"

    "I prefer Becky," she corrected. "But yes, nice to meet you Professor." She grinned cheerfully. "So, where's my Pokemon?"

    "Eager, aren't you?" He smiled. "Well the Pokemon are right over this way." He walked over to a counter with several Poke Balls sitting in a tray. There were a few gaps, meaning she wasn't the first to come along this way. Perhaps she passed them on her way into town. "You said you wanted the Mudkip, correct?"

    "Yep!" She chimed.

    "Just making sure," he said, handing Becky one of the Poke Balls from the tray. "I believe this little guy is yours."

    "Thanks!" She beamed, staring at the ball in wonder. "It's okay if I let him out now, right?"

    "Of course, go right ahead."

    "Alright. Come on out, Mudkip!" She tossed the Poke Ball into the air, releasing a red beam of energy to the ground that quickly formed the shape of a Mudkip. He looked up at his trainer with a big goofy grin on his face. "Mud!"

    "Wow, so cool!" She picked up the Mudkip to get a better look at him. "Now what should I call you, buddy?" She briefly pondered over names before settling on one. "Bayou. How does that sound?" He nodded his head in agreement. "Then Bayou it is."

    After receiving her Poke Balls and Pokedex, she bid the professor farewell, thanking him once again. She marched her way over to Route 101, with Bayou following faithfully beside her.

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