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@Damanly: You should ideally copy paste your SU into a new post and edit from there...

Now, I need to tell you this right now, because it could become a serious problem in the future. Using a 3DS simply isn't an excuse for making posts that fall under quality standards. It's just not fair to other people, as it impacts their roleplaying experience. That's the board's stance and it's mine. I absolutely cannot excuse you from the board's quality standards even if I wanted to.

So if using a 3DS cripples your ability to write to the point you can't meet quality standards, I honestly need to recommend you focus on getting something else to write with before you start joining an RP.

I for one frequently post from my phone and never violate quality standards.

@dcjboi: Thank you very much. I appreciate the acknowledgement and the thanks. c: NPC characters aren't really different from normal characters, but you should generally not be posting from the eyes of an NPC. That is to say, you should only be playing NPCs through the eyes of another character. If the NPC leaves or otherwise becomes alone, you should stop writing what they're doing.

If the NPC is also a plot character they're an exception though. So if you ever see me playing NPCs independently of other characters it's because I'm the GM and that means I'll be doing plot stuff at times. A plot character is simply an NPC that is being used for plot purposes instead of simple interaction purposes.

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