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I’ve read the rules and all the things that should be read but just to make sure I have some questions:
1. Regarding the leveling system do we still keep track of our leveling or just the GM?
2. If so then where do we update our levels?
3. Regarding learning TM/Eggs moves we just go into town and buy a TM move right?
4. If so how many are we allowed or do we have any kind of restriction?
5. Regarding classes, do we chose which classes to take or you specify which classes are available in that day and we chose to attend?
6. And in classes if the respective owner of a teacher is not on are we allowed to play the NPC instead? I mean have a battle or ask some question?
And the last one is a request: Could you fill me on the time of day and if major events are going to take part in this school day?
After that I think I can manage my way around :D.

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