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    Helix’s Adventure
    Route 1
    “The Suspicious Bandit”

    Helix hurriedly rushes toward the noise that was being heard. He knew the noise was coming from Relix.

    “What’s going on?” Helix said as he continuously increased his speed to reach where the noise was coming from.

    The stream was nearby and it kept accompanying Helix along the way. The sun was also dense that afternoon and it didn’t quite much gave off a tenderly ray of light. Helix on the other hand was as worried as a blind men crossing the road. Good thing he always was a good runner, but those thoughts didn’t quite console Helix at the moment.

    “I’m near” Helix said as the noise kept growing louder and louder.

    As Helix was running, he saw in the distance, a dark shadowy figure holding a Pokémon. The Pokémon was green in a way and seemed to have a bulb. It was awfully familiar to Helix which was now trying to identify what Pokémon it was. On the other hand, another Pokémon was down and was trying to fight the big shadowy figure.

    “What in all Greek’s name is happening here?” Helix asked, nearly killed of curiosity. He was now standing in front of the whole scene. In a way though, helix was happy. He saw Emera and Relix, but in another way, he wasn’t happy. From the looks of it, the shadowy figure was a bandit, dressed up in black “All Over” and the green Pokémon in his hand was the poor Emera, fighting her way to freedom while Relix was helping with some kicks here and there.

    The bandit must have been knocking Relix out with some massive blows to make it scream as such” Helix thought and he was now furious of the whole sequence.

    “Hey you”! Helix said with quite the attitude and continued “What do you think you’re doing?”

    “Who me?” The bandit asked in return. He was also wearing a black mask and so Helix couldn’t recognize him/her, but from the deep tone the bandit used, it was easy identifying that he was a man.

    “Yes you, I believe the Pokémon that you’re holding is mine” Helix replied with now a much calmer tone.

    “Oh really” The bandit inquired and continued “Well why don’t you come and take her away from me”. The bandit smirked a little, giving Helix the appetite to crush him down.

    “If that is what you really want than I guess…” Helix replied as he took his stance “It can’t be help”.

    Helix glanced at Relix. Relix smiled and stood up firmly, ready to face that bandit. Relix was happy; knowing that he would now demonstrate his Hi Jump Kick V2 attack on a human filled his heart.

    “Relix prepared?” Helix asked.

    “Ty” Relix replied as he clutched his fist and took his fighting stance.

    “Then shall we” Helix said with a determinate voice. The bandit laughed. He was going to devour that kid. He instantly threw Emera down harshly that made the poor Bulbasaur yield in pain and took out a Pokeball.
    “You’re going to regret this KID” The bandit said amused and threw his Pokeball up in the sky “Koffing, I choose you”. In an instant flash, a beam of light shot out of the Pokeball and formed a round, spherical shape.

    “Koffing” The creature said. It was purple and it had what it seemed as a poison alert symbol on his front body part.

    “Koffing use Tackle now” The bandit ordered. The Koffing quickly flew towards Relix.

    It’s a levitating Pokemon and that was quite an advantage when facing a ground type Pokemon” Helix thought. Helix didn’t bother to take out his Pokedex for more info for his head was fully concentrated on the battle.

    “Relix, side step that attack and counter with your High Jump Kick attack, now” Helix inclined. He knew that his attack would be a success for Relix had an amazing speed unlike that Koffing.

    “Ty-Tyrogue” Relix nodded and jumped aside thus evading the incoming Koffing attack. He quickly made a jump from where he was and with great speed countered the purple Pokemon with a harsh foot stomp in the face. The Koffing went flying to its trainer; the bandit. Gladly it didn’t faint which made Helix assured that he would introduce Relix’s Hi Jump Kick V2 attack. He would make sure that the bandit would regret ever trying to steal his Pokemon.

    “Grrr” The bandit growled, and was filled with anger after the attack. He quickly threw Koffing back to air and ordered “Poison Gas now Koffing”.

    The Koffing quickly regained control and let out a purple gas out if its mouth. The gas scattered which made it quite deadly.

    “Hahahaha! There’s no running for you now you pipsqueak” The bandit said with amusement.

    “We shall see about that” Helix replied with ease. He had a perfectly good plan to defeat the bandit and he was about to do the practical.

    “Relix, it’s all yours” Helix inquired.

    “Ty” Relix said and grinned. He knew exactly what he should be doing now and did not hesitate to apply his master’s orders. Relix ran straight towards the purple fog which made the bandit laugh even more.

    “That smirk on your face will soon disappear” Helix whispered to himself. The Koffing on the other hand was a bit confused. Why his adverse rival would ran straight to his attacks. Was he aching to be defeated or what? Relix was amused, he knew this awkward occurrence of his movements will blind his foe and thus won’t see or be able to avoid his most deadly attack.

    As Relix was approaching the purple fog, he quickly jumped. And it was high. The Koffing watched in amazement of how such Pokémon could jump so high. But then realize that he was in fight, meaning every move has a consequence. But sadly, it was too late. While in the air, Relix spin at top speed and with the amount of speed it gained while spinning made his fall more deadly.
    “What the…?” The bandit asked with no sense what so ever of what the Tyrogue was doing “Koffing, get out of there”. But it was too late. Relix was already inches away from the Koffing and while spinning, it dispersed the atmosphere of the deadly Poison Gas attack.

    “What it seemed like a win, was merely just Childs play” Helix said valiantly “Relix, finish this, Hi Jump Kick attack, V2”. With that, a big blow was heard, and it was Relix’s Hi Jump Kick V2 attack that produced such terror. The attack landed straight on the Koffing’s forehead. Sadly for the Koffing, he had 0% of evading that attack. The attack itself enforced the Koffing directly into the ground and it fainted straight away.

    “K-off-in-g” The bandit said with shock plucked on face “Return”. A beam of red light shot from the Pokeball and cloaked the buried Koffing.

    “So, what do you have to say for yourself” Helix imposed as he walked gently towards the bandit.

    “Ok, I give up” The bandit replied, and continued “But we’ll meet soon enough….Helix”. With that, the bandit threw a smoke bomb on the ground and disappears in the vague atmosphere.

    “Hey wait, how do you know my…*cough, cough*” Helix said a bit confused of how the bandit knew his name. But anyways, that did not impose too many problems for them. The bandit did say that they would meet again. And Helix was looking forward to it.

    “Next stop...” Helix said as he grabbed hold of Emera and comforting her “Mercury Gym”.

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