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Originally Posted by Zayphora View Post

sorry, it was disturbing. Has anyone ever seen that one? That is, like, the scariest one. And its SO gory. Gawd.
I think I might have read it, though I'm not entirely sure. At least I recall some creepypasta with a nurse joy and gore, and I think it took place around Mount Silver, but if not, then I haven't. I do want to read that one again though, so probably gonna look for it anyways ;p

There are so many creepypastas I'm being reminded of right now. There used to be another site with Pokepasta that wasn't part of the official creepypasta site, however I think it was taking down since the owner didn't have the time and money to run it any longer. Either way, I read pretty much every creepypasta on it, so I've read quite a few, however I don't really seem to recall that many of them at the moment.

Anyways, I think we could need a topic to go alongside all this small-talk, so here's one.

Has Pokemon creepypastas ever had any emotional effect on you. If so, which one was it?
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