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    WOAH. I did not expect to see so many people wanting to sign up already! In any case:

    @Vato: Well, you my good sir, are RESERVED.

    @Genevieve: I'd like to accept you, but there are some problems with that.
    1. I really can't see the picture in your SU, could you please fix that?
    2. I know that this is gonna' sound like a lot of BS, but someone has already reserved Oddish some time ago. You'll have to take another one. Fix these things and I'll gladly accept you.

    @Charizard_Man: By the power of GM-stuff, I hereby declare you RESERVED!

    @heterostay123: Okay, your SU looks good! However, you seemed to have misinterpreted the password part a bit. But since I'm in a good mood right now, AND the misinterpretation is oh-so small, I'll go ahead and ACCEPT you.

    @PokemonRangerJ: I like your character of a man with passion and passionness and stuff. And even though I'd hate to wake up with a Rapidash's head in my bed, there are some things regarding your SU that I'm not really contempt with.
    1. This RP IS rated T for Teen, thus I'd advise you to tone down on the killing of Vincent's Pokémon. Maybe they were just taken away from him? Besides, you really don't have to specify how you obtained your starter, I'll get to that eventually. However, I probably should've speified that earlier, so I kinda dropped the ball on that one. But, you still shouldn't have him kill another guy for his Pokémon.

    So, fix that and the picture and you'll be good to go. But for now, you are RESERVED.

    @Pixelrush: I'm glad you're interested in the RP, but I think that all of the spots for reservation has been filled. However, if someone should fail to turn in their reservation by the time-limit, I will definately send you a message regarding this situation.
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