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"Regarding the leveling system do we still keep track of our leveling or just the GM? If so then where do we update our levels?"
You keep track of your character's own levels. I've provided an etherpad where you can record your character's pokemon team, levels, and moves where others can see them. You can also view the teams of other characters there. For future reference it's located on the first page of the OOC, right at the top, clearly labeled with red text. Here's a convenient link~

"Regarding learning TM/Eggs moves we just go into town and buy a TM move right? If so how many are we allowed or do we have any kind of restriction?"
Yessum. You can obtain a TM of any move that isn't exclusive to legendary pokemon. If a pokemon can learn the move through any method, it can learn it through TMs. Your limitations are your character's ability to think up move strategies and their money. Even without money, you can just find a student or even an NPC willing to share TMs.

"Regarding classes, do we chose which classes to take or you specify which classes are available in that day and we chose to attend? And in classes if the respective owner of a teacher is not on are we allowed to play the NPC instead? I mean have a battle or ask some question?"
You're free to have your character visit and learn from an NPC teacher at any time, however that sounds kind of boring to me, RPing with yourself and all. You will however be assigned exactly 1 class per day alongside 2-3 other students by me. I always put priority on non-NPC teachers, meaning I won't assign people to NPC teachers until all the PC teachers have students. In the case of NPC teachers, any of the students in the class are free to play said teacher, and in fact that's pretty much necessary.

That being said, absolutely nothing is stopping you from arranging extra credit/teaching from a PC teacher via contacting their roleplayer. You'll need to look up their job on the player SUs page (Or just... ask the roleplayer |D), as the Available Classes spoiler only lists NPC teachers.

"And the last one is a request: Could you fill me on the time of day and if major events are going to take part in this school day?"
It's currently morning, and it's Thanksgiving at that. This RP is both too large and not the right genre for a streamlined plot. (I mean honestly. If we put every character in the same room it'd take a month to cycle through a single post rotation. |D)

That being said, the RP is sandbox. That means you're encouraged to focus on character interaction and development, as well as creating your own mini-plots and taking parts in the mini-plots of others. The overarching plot will not present itself until the RP is ready to end. At which point, you'll be treated to a personalized ending relevant to the development your character has gone through during their time at the academy.[/SIZE][/FONT]

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~