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Lucy - Oreburgh City
Lucy glanced over in Total's general direction in a rather casual manner. "I'm Lucy, and this is Amethyst." she said, gesturing briefly to the smaller girl in her arms. Amethyst honestly looked too young to be a pokespirit wielder. But did anyone really care about details like that? They were all teenagers with their own issues. "We're actually just searching for something... a specific house." Lucy continued, glancing down at Amethyst. She wouldn't divulge the smaller girl's secret. She didn't even mention that the house had been hers. For all Lucy knew, the house no longer stood. Meanwhile, Amethyst began talking to her pokespirit out loud. Lucy honetsly just... ignored this. She had quickly grown used to it. She did notice a smile come to Amethyst's expression all of a sudden, and couldn't help but wonder what that had been about. Regardless, the smaller girl fell asleep in Lucy's arms and she continued to move forward.

...She was completely oblivious to the fact that she was being stalked. I mean honestly! Who cared about /her/?! She was just some random girl who had...for some reason drawn a rather large crowd. Cannibalism. It makes you popular! Why didn't anyone tell me this?! She was honestly just... not concerned with the intentions of others at the moment. Lucy has no chainsaws to give. And then Alex asked her another question! She stopped briefly, turning to him and giving him this look of disbelief, as if he'd, y'know, asked the most obvious question in the universe. "...It's the place all pokespirits come from. Haven't you gotten yours yet??" she asked, a tad bewildered. Decidedly refusing to stop moving she turned again and proceeded onwards regardless.


The group was now nearing Oreburgh City. The town had an eerie aura to it. Litter clogged the streets, and a fair portion of buildings suffered structual damage. A battered children's book lay open among the garbage, pages stained but otherwise readable. Broken windows were almost the norm instead of the exception. An eerie wind blew through the streets, carrying only emptiness and the smell of the decay of society in it's breath. Truly, this place was a ghost town. As the group reached the town and proceeded inside, the huge mouth of an ancient mine was visible. The pitch black of the mine echoed with the voices--wait what? Voices? Anyone who paid close attention would indeed hear ever so faint voices, as if spiritual remnants of miners long gone now haunted the all-consuming darkness within, their words inaudible.

Congratulations, you've found the ghost town Oreburgh.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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