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    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    @ gam3r

    Thanks & I know! You won't have too long until you're able to play. ^.^
    Hey there man, since I am preety new to pokecommunty and I don't know how to post a comment, this is the only way I can communicate with ya. Anway, I got an idea about the custom music. U know Darigus, I think it should have it's own personal intro theme. And the idea is that I think that it's intro theme should be the intro theme of the Magician from House of The Dead 2, there may be some bad parts of the song, but hey, u can always edit the song, since u r gonna make a GBA version of the song, that is, if u actually decide to follow my idea. Please tell me what do u think, and I can't wait fo u to finish this game. Cheers,