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    Forrest decided to do some training. He released Benidict and gave him a stern look. "No tackling me." He reluctantly nodded, then looked at Sasuke who as also giving him the look. "Zig." It frowned, still in pain. The boy didn't know what to do. He looked around hoping to find something useful. An idea popped into his mind. He leapt up into the trees again and found a bushel of Oran Berries. He had always been good at finding them. He jumped back down and fed his pokemon three each, saving seven for later. Seeing that they were refreshed and ready for battle, he smiled. "Lets go!" He sprinted with his team close behind.

    After a while of running, he stopped and started to pant. He looked around and saw a pair of Poochyenas and a Wurmple fighting. "Let's go! Sasuke, use Absorb! Benedict, Tackle!" Vines wrapped around one of the Poochyenas and began to suck it's health. Benedict slammed into the other with a powerful force, and repeatedly pushed it back. The Wurmple shot a Poison Sting at Sasuke and struck gold on his tail. The Treeko grew angry and used Endeavor on it, slapping it hard with its tail. It flew into the forest and didn't come back out. Meanwhile, the Poochyena that was being tackled clamped his teeth into Benedict. He yelped and ran back to Forrest and hid behind his legs. Forrest scratched him behind the ears. "Come on body, go out there. You can't hide forever." The cute racoon thing nodded and charged forth once more and bowled into his opponent, finishing it off. Sasuke had finished off the other Poochyena with a powerful Endeavor. "Good job guys! We won!" Forrest realized that the pokemon were bringing him out of his shell...Oh well. He started to wonder around in the grass even more.
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