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    Yes of course, and it's the 'difficulty'. When I looked on a website. I was on chenal 17 to obtain my lovely egg .

    So, I pick up a Frillish (I was in the place). But level 6 and I'm now on victory road. He's level 29. Plus make de egg open >>> Larvesta is 37. So I understand people who play with Darumaka in place of Laversta (He comes late in the game and he needs to be level 59 to evolving in Volcarona).

    Many peoples prefer to play with their "first" pokemon. Because it takes a lot of time to level the pokemon from the level 1 until the level being enough for beating the league.

    Even with the method of Audino. I often meet the other pokemons in the moving grass (Emolga, Sawk, Throh, Stoutland). Furthermore, it takes for a long time before 2 meetings.
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