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    Amethyst finally awoke, because two turns have passed she didn't need long to rest. As she opened her eyes, she found that they had just shown up in Orbur... Nowhere. They were nowhere. It looked like something out of a horror movie, and was giving Amethyst a slight case of paranoia. She decided that she could now walk on her own, Leaping down to the ground again, and running (unreasonably fast for a small dainty girl) over to pick up the book left on the ground. She flipped through the pages an-- "EW!!" She tossed the book away (down to Lucy's feet), quickly wiping her fingers off on the side of her dress. Sure, it's a story, Amethyst loved stories, but that thing was covered in germs and stained by who-knows-what.

    "Blegh," she muttered to herself, giving the rest of the area a look or two. ADVENTURE MODE INITIATED Amethyst gave her hands a strong gaze. Last time she used them, some invisible claws tore up that girl that was fighting with Lucy. She walked over to one of the buildings structures left standing high, focused on the wall, and abruptly punched it. As she had expected, those claws were dug into the wall. Using this, she began to climb the wall, stopping about halfway up the building to look down and wave at Lucy, smiling with delight. This kid loved to explore, and apparently the ghost town made a perfect playground.

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