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    Let me say first- This is not my first hack, it is my first time posting on this site so we'll see how this goes. I really just made this hack for fun and it's about half-way done right now.

    Four years after the events of HeartGold/SoulSilver, Johto has changed drastically. Harsh weather all over the region has left long term effects; Ecruteak City is flooded in lower areas, Sprout Tower was rebuilt after collapsing during a hurricane, and Mahogany Town has gotten much warmer. As a trainer you not only face the challenge of facing the Johto League, but also facing the many changes across the region and dealing with the stubborn members of Team Rocket still around and up to no good.

    • Expanded Whirl Islands, much more to do there including the Whirlpool Cup competition.
    • Two new gym leaders, the rest are all familiar.
    • Maps have been drastically re-done, making Johto twice as big as in the remakes and original.
    • New Team Rocket storyline.
    • Battle Frontier after defeating Champion.
    • Janine is your rival.
    • 251 listed in the pokedex, you will encounter them all in some way.

    • Can't use running shoes on Route 35, not sure why.
    • I can't change the intro text with Prof. Oak or the text with Kurt speaking about Lostelle rather than Maisy. (I use XSE and have no idea how to change scripts unless there is a sprite present with the offset attached.)

    Q: Can you go to Kanto after Johto?
    A: No, Johto is massive now and has the updated Whirl Islands and Battle Frontier for you to check out.

    Q: Are there Apricorns, Pokeathlon, etc?
    A: No, Kurt has retired and due to the earthquake in Goldenrod City, the Pokeathlon Dome is gone.

    Q: Are there new TM/HM moves?
    A: Yes, there are two new TM moves, one of which is Bug Buzz.

    Q: Can you catch Ho-Oh, Lugia or Mewtwo?
    A: Yes, but their locations are hidden very well.


    1. Rival Janine.
    2. National Park Statues.
    3. Visible flooding in Ecruteak.
    4. One of the Whirl Islands.
    5. Route 35.
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